It’s an inevitable question: what does a smart public restroom mean? You’ll find all the answers in this video!
Among the big advantages of our public toilets are their sturdiness and solidity, and the choice of materials used to make them vandal-proof.
Find out more about what makes them so sturdy!

How does the self-cleaning system work ?

During each cleaning cycle, the door automatically locks, and an external LED display panel indicates the toilet’s status to users. There are 3 possibilities:


Cleaning cycle in progress

Occupied/Out of order

The first cleaning cycle is for the bowl. It is cleaned, disinfected, and dried after each use, and the cleaning cycle lasts approximately 45 seconds.

The second cleaning cycle is for the floor. The floor washing cycle is performed using high-pressure water sprinklers, pushing all dirt towards  the drains, that are located in the mechanical room. The cycle frequency is programmable, and we recommend a frequency of 10 to 15 users.

One of the key elements of an intelligent toilet is its automated functions, which greatly simplify daily cleaning management and ensure cleanliness for users.

How to use the smart washroom ?

  1. When the light on the front display panel indicates “available” (the LED light will be green), the smart restroom can be used. The user can also follow the usage instructions displayed on the panel.
  2. To enter the toilet, the user can press the automatic opening button or pull the door to access the toilet. The smart washroom can be easily used by disabled users, as it complies with all accessibility requirements and regulations.
  3. Once inside, you will hear voice instructions. The self-cleaning restroom is designed for contactless use to increase hygiene levels and limit the spread of any germs and viruses.


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