October 12 2023

Always on the lookout for a sustainable solution to the Sudbury area’s public toilet problem, journalist Tyler Clarke of Sudbury.com discovered our Urben Blu smart restrooms as a highly innovative solution to the problem. He cites several of our current installations as examples, and even took the time to get feedback from our existing customers. Enjoy your reading!


Urben Blu, a Quebec-based company, offers pre-fabricated self-cleaning washroom facilities, which have been installed in various municipalities across Canada, including some in Ontario. These facilities provide a clean environment as they are automatically cleaned and disinfected after each use, with additional deep cleaning options available if needed. Safety features include automatic opening after 20 minutes, a warning sound after 15 minutes, and notification of emergency responders in case of overdose incidents.

The durable units are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions and vandalism, with easy cleaning options for graffiti. Municipalities find them efficient, requiring fewer staff check-ins compared to traditional washrooms. The products come with a 10-year warranty and use non-proprietary parts for easy maintenance.

In Sudbury, where there’s a recognized need for more public washrooms, community advocates are pushing for the installation of 24/7 accessible facilities downtown. While there are existing options, they have limitations, including restricted hours and potential barriers for certain individuals.