Learn more about our products and services in this informative video, which sums up what we do best: manufacture smart, self-cleaning, vandal-resistant public restrooms.
It’s an inevitable question: what does a smart public restroom mean? You’ll find all the answers in this video!
Among the big advantages of our public toilets are their sturdiness and solidity, and the choice of materials used to make them vandal-proof.
Find out more about what makes them so sturdy!
One of the key elements of an intelligent toilet is its automated functions, which greatly simplify daily cleaning management and ensure cleanliness for users.
There’s no accounting for taste, and every project has its own environment. Sometimes inside a park, sometimes part of an established design, every project is different, which is why our toilets are fully customizable, with different choices of materials and colors to suit your needs.
One of the key factors that sets us apart from our competitors is the fact that our smart toilets are pre-built in our factory, and that the purchase price is much lower than for any site-built restroom project.