Learn more about our products and services in this informative video, which sums up what we do best: manufacture smart, self-cleaning, vandal-resistant public restrooms.

Smart restrooms Prefabricated in Boisbriand

Our smart restrooms are equipped with a state-of-the-art cleaning, disinfecting and drying system that guarantees a clean environment for users.

Our concept is custom-built for public places that require a safe and easy-to-use building. (Parks, train stations, terminals, shopping centers, airports, highway rest areas, etc.) 

Our washrooms are fully automated and programmable for operating hours, cleaning cycles, occupancy time, heating and lighting and can be controlled and monitored remotely on a computer or mobile device.

The Urben Blu restrooms stands out for their sturdiness and the solidity of the materials used, which contribute greatly to making them highly effective against vandalism.

Interior walls made of durable and easily cleaned Ultra High Performance fiber-reinforced concrete

Self-supporting structure and frame made of galvanized steel

Equipped with 3 heaters for annual use (winterization system also included)

A fiber-reinforced concrete sink with 3 automatic functions (Touchless Soap/water dispensers and hand Drier)

Wall-hung toilet protected with a fiberglass cover that serves as a toilet seat, protects the bowl from impacts and optimizes the cleaning cycle.

A sheet by sheet toilet paper dispenser for a better control of consumables and to avoid waste

A fireproof aluminum garbage bin

A sturdy vandal proof and anti-ligature stainless steel coat hook

Inside, no moving (or sliding) parts that could break, cause injury or require additional maintenance

Anti-graffiti protection

Other important advantages:

Our restrooms are non-gendered (unisex) and accessible for people with reduced mobility (ADA)

Safe and easy to use for children, seniors and people with physical disabilities

Minimum maintenance required (ROI)

Energy saving: LED lighting activated only when in use

Very low water consumption

Controlled distribution of consumables and formats that promote maximum use without restocking. 

Customizable prefabricated building that can easily be moved to another site if desired

Best warranties on the market

3 year full warranty (Parts and Labour)
10 years on the structure of the building

Antimicrobial and antiviral

Our washrooms are protected with an antimicrobial silicone that kills 99.9% of bacteria, viruses and other potential pathogens such as COVID, among others.

Environmental design

We offer a range of restrooms that are environmentally friendly. We included components that reduce the consumption of electricity, water and consumables.


We manufacture our smart restrooms in 2 standard formats with mechanical rooms, either the single format (1 unisex restroom) or the double format (2 unisex restrooms)

We can of course make modifications to our basic models or create custom models according to your more precise needs.

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