Setting the scene

Founded in 1904, the village of Campbell’s Bay is located along the Ottawa River approximately 100 km northwest of Gatineau. The municipality was looking for a sturdy, pre-fabricated toilet that could withstand vandalism since it was to be installed in a public place. One of the important factors in their decision was to have the possibility to customize the building to their taste to ensure that it would fit well in the public environment.


The challenge for Urben Blu

Providing a prefabricated, solid and durable public restroom that can be customized to your colors and with a choice of materials is exactly what we do best at Urben Blu. And this is what we finally installed in January 2022 for the City of Campbell’s Bay. In addition to the factors listed above, the most important factor for the people of the city was the building’s solid construction. Both in the materials and in the design itself to be as vandal resistant as possible.



The result is very convincing for the city of Campbell’s Bay, according to the general manager, Sarah Bertrand:

“The service was excellent, a friendly and competent team that accompanied us from start to finish. The Urben Blu team is very pleasant to work with, they make sure that your requirements are met to the maximum and above all, they make sure that you are satisfied with the final product!


Our team will be happy to evaluate the project possibilities with you